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Prevent permanent/named channels from automatically clearing on timer suggestion

One of the reasons I paid for RoyalBlue was so that I could have a permanent room for friends to watch through playlists with me. Unfortunately, if the playlist is rather extensive, we seem to encounter an 'afk timer' which clears the playlist/room without telling us, forcing us to refresh the page completely, re-enter the playlist and begin where we lost it. While this seems a minor inconvenience, having to do this multiple times daily for extensive playlists makes this an unappealing prospect.

My guess is this happens because we are not interacting with the playlist at all since it is automatically playing through the one we created until it automatically detects we are not active. This is not the case, we simply do not *need* to interact with the site as it's autoplay function guarantees continuous play.

What I would suggest is that you develop some way to determine if users are truly AFK that does not involve direct interaction with the interface. It seems a flimsy and unreliable system at current, and an annoyance to have to deal with a system incorrectly guessing we are not there.

As a suggestion, I would at least request some sort of pop-up warning, letting us know when the system *thinks* we're AFK, and giving us a 5-minute period to confirm we are still consciously active, and not to reset the channel. Setting this popup to appear once every half an hour of inactivity would at least give us the chance to confirm we're still watching, and avoid any inconvenience.

Anonymous 2016-02-16 19:45
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