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Night mode? suggestion

I went ahead and wrote for myself a quick and dirty userscript for it, but it'd be nice to have an official 'night mode' which darkens everything.

Anonymous 2015-06-12 09:52 2 comments
Has the answer

This will be good addition for user experience.
We are thinking about changing layout slightly, so we might postpone this till then.
Nevertheless it's something we are looking for as well :)

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16 votes

iMessage app suggestion

Make an iMessage app so I can watch YouTube videos with my friends on iMessage

Dbzminer 2017-01-12 23:07 0 comments
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14 votes

When playing sync-video with friends, it doesnt autoplay to the next video. Insead, it stays paused on the video untill the host switches to the tab where sync-video was opened. This is already happening for a week. I enjoy the website and i hope it will be fixed soon.

Anonymous 2015-09-16 23:29 0 comments
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14 votes

When playing YouTube videos in a sync room, upon pausing the video, I find myself unable to play it again. I have tried refreshing and clearing the cache, but neither solves the problem. This has been happening for a while.
I really like your website, it is a really useful service for me and my long-distance girlfriend.
Many thanks.

Anonymous 2015-05-26 22:55 2 comments
Has the answer

I believe there was an issue in general with video resuming after pause.
We have fixed this problem and it should be solved right now.


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12 votes

HTML 5 suggestion

Will we get HTML 5 support as flash is slowly getting phased out by Google and the others.

Anonymous 2015-09-08 19:29 0 comments
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10 votes

For anime watchers, suggestion

websites, like kissanime, for reference not for recommendation, use JWplayer be nice if we could add a kissanime link to watch the video with friends, kissanime did use a youtube player but switched

Anonymous 2015-06-11 16:19 1 comment
Has the answer

It's something we would like to look into at some point.
Increasing sources of possible videos syncing is main goal of our app.

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9 votes

Me and my friends have been using sync video a lot lately. My suggestion is about adding another level (above Op) for owners to assign to guests, one that will allow them to pause and play the video. The reason for this is the autoplay feature; it only works when a video concludes, leading to the next. It does not work when there is no video playing or is paused.

Having this sort of feature would allow our room (6 active users) more freedom to share videos instead of relying on the owner to play, pause and start the next video when autoplay does not help. Thanks.

Anonymous 2015-06-24 19:44 0 comments
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8 votes

I'd love to sync videos from places other than youtube or vimeo. Or to be able to sync videos from a third-party link. Or even to upload our own videos to sync. I'd love to watch episodes of my favourite tv program but it's never uploaded to youtube, vimeo, or dailymotion due to their strict content policing. I think it'd be great to add more options to search and watch from.

Anonymous 2015-05-27 01:22 0 comments
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7 votes

Returning owner suggestion

Returning owner status without having to refresh the page

Anonymous 2016-02-20 12:30 0 comments
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5 votes

It would be cool to have a second playlist that any user could add videos to. When a user adds a video to this suggestion playlist, an op could then either add the video to the actual playlist, or delete it and see the next suggestion. To keep a user from spamming it, ops could deny a user the right to add videos or just disable the suggestion playlist completely.

Anonymous 2015-07-23 22:35 0 comments
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5 votes

YouTube playlists have stopped aren't added to a room anymore when I paste the playlist link or a video link with the playlist at the end.

Anonymous 2015-06-11 03:37 2 comments
Has the answer

Yes, I have confirmed this is indeed an issue.
All because youtube changed API and is not supporting old one.

We will look into this and try to fix it in next release.

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4 votes

Voice functionality suggestion

It would be cool for the OP to be able to talk to everyone in the room, kind of like a radio station.
You could talk for a short while in between songs and allow other people in the room to "call into the show" and mess around.

Anonymous 2016-10-27 16:16 0 comments
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3 votes

I tried adding a URL to an mp4 file with a query parameter and it wasn't added, however removing the query parameter allowed it to be added (but it didn't work without the parameters)

Anonymous 2017-05-07 23:50 0 comments
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3 votes

I'd love to read the lyrics of the songs I'm listening.

You already have the name (ex. Radiohead - Karma Police), so I created a script that creates the urls for a website:

Here's the script:

function createLink () {
var name = document.getElementById('current-video-name').innerHTML.replace(/([\s]|\(.*\))/g, '').toLowerCase().split('-');
var url = '' + name[0] + '/'+ name[1] + '.html';
return url;

I hope you like it.

Anonymous 2016-04-20 11:01 0 comments
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3 votes

One of the reasons I paid for RoyalBlue was so that I could have a permanent room for friends to watch through playlists with me. Unfortunately, if the playlist is rather extensive, we seem to encounter an 'afk timer' which clears the playlist/room without telling us, forcing us to refresh the page completely, re-enter the playlist and begin where we lost it. While this seems a minor inconvenience, having to do this multiple times daily for extensive playlists makes this an unappealing prospect.

My guess is this happens because we are not interacting with the playlist at all since it is automatically playing through the one we created until it automatically detects we are not active. This is not the case, we simply do not *need* to interact with the site as it's autoplay function guarantees continuous play.

What I would suggest is that you develop some way to determine if users are truly AFK that does not involve direct interaction with the interface. It seems a flimsy and unreliable system at current, and an annoyance to have to deal with a system incorrectly guessing we are not there.

As a suggestion, I would at least request some sort of pop-up warning, letting us know when the system *thinks* we're AFK, and giving us a 5-minute period to confirm we are still consciously active, and not to reset the channel. Setting this popup to appear once every half an hour of inactivity would at least give us the chance to confirm we're still watching, and avoid any inconvenience.

Anonymous 2016-02-16 19:45 0 comments
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3 votes

UI suggestion suggestion

a nice addition to the UI would be the ability to pop out the chat and the video-player(and an upgrade to HTML5 would be awesome too!).

another addition could be the ability to go fullscreen with the chat by its side or under the video(a drag click and re-sizable chat and video would be awesome for this so its fully customizable).

maybe even implement some chat commands and someway to link the chat to other chat services? that would be really cool.

Anonymous 2015-11-10 00:42 0 comments
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3 votes

Would greatly appreciate if the following features could make their way into your service in a near future. :)

- Larger/longer or resizable playlist size.
- Minimal playlist size mode (Removes thumb images and makes the list generally smaller).
- Playlist video order numbering.
- Next/Previous video buttons for quick next/previous video switching instead of having to use playlist to select play manually.

Thanks a bunch!


Anonymous 2015-06-11 01:33 1 comment
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3 votes

Hey, just would like to know how long does it usualy take to be able to enjoy some of the Royal-Blue perks after a donation?

Seem to have been waiting for a couple of days now, no response from e-mail either...

Anonymous 2015-06-11 17:10 1 comment
Has the answer

Usually it takes below 24 hours to have it activated. If you haven't got it after this time, please send us a message to and provide some information about your donation! Also it's important to logout and login again to activate Royal-Blue status.

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2 votes

Allow porn videos suggestion

Anonymous 2017-06-12 22:43 0 comments
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2 votes

Add Next button suggestion

My suggestion is a button similar to the "Play Next" feature in iTunes, where there's a second button beside the + button that only the Owner of the room can use that adds the video directly to the next position in the playlist regardless of any other videos that are already queued. This way if you have a long playlist and want to play a video inbetween the current video and the next you can just add it this way instead of having to add it, scroll to the bottom of the playlist and start it manually, and then go back to where you were and start the next video manually.

Anonymous 2017-01-11 06:05 0 comments
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2 votes

Fullscreen suggestion

I don't understand why this is gone. it was so nice and now it's about impossible to use without it

Anonymous 2016-08-19 03:58 0 comments
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2 votes

Would be good if we could stay in fullscreen when a new video begins. Currently it goes back to windowed when a new video loads

Anonymous 2016-03-14 00:28 0 comments
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2 votes

Video issue error

I love to use this website when playing with a friend, we listen to the same playlist etc. | the issue is that when playing, i have to minimalize my browser to achieve higher fps but when i do this, the song thats currently playing ends and it doesn't automatically switch to the next song, it switches after i maximalized it again

Anonymous 2016-02-13 21:15 0 comments
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2 votes

Heya, just finished registering an accoutn so I can actively participate in the suggester service.

I have made an annonymous suggestion earlier so I am going to repost it here "in addition" to some more ideas that popped into my mind as something that would really be good to have in general! (Feel free to delete my older "anonymous" suggestion which I signed as ~StarScribe previously.)

Here goes:

- Ability to resize/lenghten the play list.

- Minimalistic playlist mode. (Hides thumbnails and makes each video name text font smaller.)

- Numerical ordering for all videos in a playlist. (Helps with tracking down videos and keeping order when you have a huge playlist.)

- Skip to Next/Previous video buttons for easy and quick navigating in addition to already existing ability to select play video from the playlist.

- Toggleable Chat Beep sound (For when paying attention to chat conversations is important, but so is doing something else in the background at the same time.)

- Import/Export playlists as text files feature. (Will be very useful for people to personally back up their playlists and manage them outside of Sync-Video when it is not avalible.)

- User profiles. User avatars. Friend lists. (A long term feature goal... request. Will greatly help people to socialise with other "Sync-Video" users. Looking at something along the lines similar to forum profiles.)

- Sync-Video Forums (Thats a big one, it will have huge impact for Sync-Video publicity and communication between users/customers/creators.)

=== === ===

I am sure I will come up with more ideas/suggestions/requests at a later time and in case this existing suggestion post is not editable I will create a pt.2 to continue.

Keep up awesome work guys, Video-Sync is a great service with immense potential.

StarScribe 2015-06-12 00:19 3 comments
Has the answer

Nice list :)
We have looked into it, and we will be cooking many features from that.

I have just small request, to keep those lists as short as possible, better create separate 'wish' for each of them. It helps us to keep track of everything internally. Nevertheless we will make some of your requests as soon as we can.

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2 votes

sort by 'X' suggestion

it'd be nice if you could sort the playlist by say
-source (e.g. youtube / vimeo)
-channel-name (not 100% if api would allow that..)-> say of the youtube-channel
-(possible to be approved)
-(possible voted for deletion)
-playlist order
-submitted by (either a-z or give a selection of all the submitting users)

Anonymous 2015-09-17 06:57 0 comments
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